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The Ring

Lone teen adventures through zombie-infested science fiction ringworld in an effort to find a girl and escape.
First released as a hit series on Kindle Vella with hundreds of likes!
Marcus Gutierrez wasn't prepared for an outbreak on the Ring, a massive ringworld that many thought would be the future of humanity. When calamity struck, he thought he could ignore it forever. However, now that he's out of food, he is going to have to venture out into the Ring and face the tides of infected. The only other living person he knows is millions of kilometers away on another section of the Ring and he has absolutely no survival skills. Despite being ill-equipped, there's no shortage of technology and future innovation at his disposal across the extremely advanced Ring. Can Marcus, survive, beat the odds, discover the truth, find Hailey, and escape the Ring?

  • "Great storyline that will appeal to YA fans of Maze-Runner" -Kindlevella Reviewer

  • "Strong apocalyptic vibes that will keep you coming back for more" -Kindlevella Reviewer

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