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Young adults graduate from space academy to join the human civil war in dystopian military science fiction series.
The initial collection of Broken Empire volumes 1-3 as a single item.
The Reunification War has raged for over a hundred years between the United Alliance of Planets (UAP) and the Conglomerate of Corporate Authorities (Conglomerate). Ryan Kent, Greg Clarkson, Kelly Clarkson, and Stacey Black are among those graduating from Apium Academy into the Alliance Navy. They experience the harsh realities of both the Academy and the real world. They begin to see that there is more at play in the war between the Conglomerate and Alliance as graduation comes and passes. Soon, the real war reveals enemies not before perceived, and factions not yet revealed.
Volume 1 takes place at Apium Academy just before graduation. Ryan, Greg, Kelly, and Stacey experience a variety of personal reflections, interpersonal drama, heartbreaking realizations, and more as they prepare for graduation. The Alliance survey vessel Sylva is destroyed. A fight breaks out at an Academy party. The elusive Admiral Eldritch Pickett is revealed.
In Volume 2, Ryan, Kelly, Greg, and Stacey embark on their first assignments within the Alliance navy. Not everything is as it seems when an attack leaves the Alliance destroyer Montgomery crippled. The battlecruiser Stonehaven rushes to aid, but will it be too late? Friendships will be tested, plots will be uncovered, and plans will fall into place in the second installment of the beloved science fiction novella series: Broken Empire.
In Volume 3, the Stonehaven is deployed with a battlegroup to the Medius system where Ryan takes his first reluctant command of the vessel. However, UAP naval intel is poor as the flotilla encounters unexpected enemy forces on the planet and in orbit. Greg, Kelly, and Stacey are met with their own challenges as they adjust to their roles onboard the ship. New information is unveiled as the mysterious alien vessel which the Sylva encountered is engaged by an Alliance battlegroup. How will Ryan adjust to his sudden command? Will the Stonehaven be overwhelmed by Conglomerate forces? Who is the elusive agent known as Ghost?
This trilogy collection follows our heroes all the way up to the end of the Krotoan Campaign and the beginning of a rapidly developing conflict. Get all you need need to know here and prepare for Volume IV!
If you're interested in the origins of the long-winded war between the Alliance and Conglomerate, read the Reunification War as it is released on Kindlevella! Every new project will debut on Kindlevella for those who wish to read ahead. Simply search Noah Douglas on Kindlevella and find all you need!

Broken Empire: The Rising Crisis: First Trilogy Collection (Signed)

SKU: 0001
  • This is a single book item that includes 3 Volumes of the Broken Empire novella series in one package.

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