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January Newsletter for The White Sanctum

Noah Douglas

Greetings everyone! It's that time of the month again which means I'm throwing some information your way concerning what is happening here at The White Sanctum. First, I'd like to make an announcement about how my schooling will be impacting my output, then I'd like to inform you about a few upcoming projects as well as refresh you on our ongoing and completed projects.

By the way, feel free to follow me or The White Sanctum on Facebook, we also have a brand new Twitter account. Furthermore, check out updates on TikTok @noahdouglasauthor

Upcoming Projects

I hope you're as excited as I am for our currently announced upcoming projects! These are scheduled to get rolling as we roll into 2023.

First, we have LUTHER. This is a new Kindle Vella project that has started as a one-shot prequel novella to the Amora series. LUTHER will be released on an "at-will" basis.

"Thousands of years before John and Kane Blackmar marched in defense of the Kingdom of Amora, there was only Delucia under the rule of the Aeldar. From the far west came Sancterran ships hauling thousands of soldiers and a few brave colonists. Among them, was Luther Saffron from the Holy Chruch. Faced with war, isolation, and a twisted form of his faith, Luther must confront the Aeldar, save his people, and help establish a new order in Delucia."

LUTHER is a must-read for any high fantasy fans out there!

Next is DOMINION. This story is brand new and not connected to any of our existing universes. This is meant to be fantasy at its purest and finest. For something different, we are leaning towards an Isekai theme.

"Azzio isn't like every other person in the world of Alterrus, in fact, he isn't from Alterrus at all. After living a long life of failure, rejection, and misfortune, a man is reincarnated as a teenager in another world. At first, he's unsure of himself and his surroundings. However, Azzio soon finds that he's been given a second chance at life and the power to see all his dreams come to fruition. After saving a teen village girl from a goblin attack, he sets out on the greatest of adventures."

A bottom-up adventure of developing power, wealth, and knowledge doesn't get any better than this. DOMINION is meant to be the open-world reading experience of the year!

Continuing Projects

I'm super excited to continue into Broken Empire: Volume 5. Volumes 1-3 took us from graduation at Apium academy to the battle of Krotoan. Now, we've just wrapped up Volume 4 which featured the capture of the Exotic ship's Atherion core, the defeat of the Conglomerate fleet in the Medius system, and the introduction of a new arms race. We also finally got to meet Hawke, the famed Syndicate leader.

Now, we will be pushing deeper into the story and deeper into the war. With the Conglomerate's Medius forces on the run, it is only a matter of time until Admiral Pickett choses to invade the Cerberus system and the Conglomerate homeworlds.

I don't know about you, but I'm super excited. Click HERE to catch up on the series. Volume 4 comes to Paperback from Kindle Vella in a few days!

Next, The Reunification War will continue into its completion this year, so catch up on that and be looking forward to the final episodes that will slip their way out soon!

"Cal Copus is an enlisted man in the Alliance Marine Corps. A separatist faction has arisen within the Alliance at the height of humanity's expansion into the stars. Cal and the Marines are the spearheads responsible for bringing down the separatists before a full-scale rebellion can properly begin. However, there are powerful forces within the UAP that wish to see its unity broken. "

One of our longer projects that is expected to reach about 40-50 episodes on Kindle Vella is In the Service of Heaven. Chapter 3, The Crystal Sea, will be starting shortly.

"Johnathan Jarmin is just a regular man with a regular life, and he's fed up with the world around him. One evening, he decides to take a fateful walk into an empty field and let celestial light flow over him. He gets more than he bargains for when the mysterious and beautiful angel Ellabeth falls from the sky. The forces of Hell have rooted themselves in Heaven, and a warrior is needed to save the realm. Johnathan must combine his essence with Ellabeth and unleash his wrath on Hell's legions!"

Of course, we will be continuing Amora: The Regent and the Ranger. The story is expected to reach about 70 to maybe even 80 episodes upon completion. Catch up now!

"In the aftermath of the battle for Airedale and the murder of King Theodric, Kane Blackmar is left to take retribution upon Boreveth with his newly formed steel legion. However, the vile demon Moraig still claws at his soul. John Blackmar follows the expedition into Boreveth with his own flesh-and-blood regiment. Yet, the prince is still haunted by his destiny to one day rule. Upon a series of demonic manipulations and divine revelations, John's fate is on the verge of taking a dark turn."

Completed Projects

You can reach the completed Broken Empire projects via this linktree! All Kindle Vella projects can be reached here as well!

If you wanted to catch up on the Amora series. The best spot to start is Amora: A Tale of Two Brothers, available HERE on our website (via Amazon).

"The land of Delucia is a realm of disunity, conflict, and stagnation. The marauding kingdom of Boreveth tests the idle kingdom of Amora’s borders with each passing day. Amora’s princes, John and Kane Blackmar, are charged with the defense and future of their homeland. The forces of light and darkness pull at the brothers, they offer promises of hope and power at great sacrifice. John is delivered a prophecy that will subvert his hopes and dreams, and perhaps even usurp Kane’s inheritance."

Who doesn't like the idea of placing a zombie story on a ringworld in space? We love it. Check out the first season of The Ring on Kindle Vella or Paperback! This story was a bit of a hit on its Kindle Vella debut.

"Marcus Gutierrez wasn't prepared for an outbreak on the Ring, a massive ringworld that many thought would be the future of humanity. When calamity struck, he thought he could ignore it forever. However, now that he's out of food, he is going to have to venture out into the Ring and face the tides of infected. The only other living person he knows is millions of kilometers away on another section of the Ring and he has absolutely no survival skills. Despite being ill-equipped, there's no shortage of technology and future innovation at his disposal across the extremely advanced Ring. Can Marcus, survive, beat the odds, discover the truth, find Hailey, and escape the Ring?"

You may enjoy Rescue Mission if you like apocalyptic fantasy. This story is grounded on post-nuclear war Earth with no shortage of fantastical twists.

"Follow three young teenagers (Noah, Susan, Tasha) as they survive the End of the World. These teens must battle Zombies in the cities, Goblin armies in the countryside, Vampire swarms, and even Pirates. Ultimately, they must risk everything to rescue their parents from Nazi slavers while hoping to get back to America, or what is left of it. "

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