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Featured Works - April Listing

We like to make an effort to support other authors' work from time to time. Please take the time to acknowledge the projects below, many of which are self-published! You can't go wrong with the creativity and fun that these authors have in store.


Sunset heights
-Brittany Ledbetter

Bree Ann Martin left home as a teenager and lived through hell for seven years. She's finally going back, with nothing more than a few bags, a broken heart, and a past she can't seem to escape from. Her goals are clear, to reconnect with her sister, shake off her horrific past, and finally find the happiness she so desperately craves. Which means absolutely no time for men and certainly no time for the myth people call love. That is, until early one morning when a blast from the past lands on her doorstep with a letter addressed to her, and a grin that is far too cocky.

Jake Phillips is the towns handy man, the man everyone relies on when something goes wrong, or needs fixing. He lives a solitary life and the only thing he asks for is to be left alone. Love is not an option for a man like him because despite growing up in a small town, not everyone can handle your secrets. So he chooses to stay to himself, only coming out when his services are needed. He doesn't form any kind of attachments. Period. That is, until Bree decides to return home; with sass for days, a ton of attitude, and green eyes that hold so much sadness in them, he finds himself wanting to break all of his own rules.

Secrets Don't Keep Me Safe
-Latrice Bankhead

Journey with our little warriors in book one of the inclusive Truth Tales series as they discover how to keep themselves safe from dark hearts. This wonderful book is intended to empower young children to identify themselves and the infinite power that they possess against those who dare to violate them. They are encouraged to watch, listen, and learn as they connect with majestic characters within a beautiful, enchanted forest. These characters are here to teach young children how to recognize signs of abuse, to help them process their emotions, and most of all, to show them how to disclose the abuse to those who love them to prevent the trauma from happening or continuing. This book is intended to be read to or with children by parents or loved ones.


Aarya: The Spiral of Deception
-Ranjana Joshi

When Aarya, a badass krav-maga champion with a software engineering degree and a penchant for punches, receives a call that her childhood friend, Mira, is missing, she is sceptical that she has the skills to find what happened to Mira. As Aarya and her friend, Sid, sort through the bizarre clues, they enter the murky world of deceit and deception where people don't hesitate to kill and where they hide their true gruesome faces behind a veneer of grace and sophistication.

Aarya has only five days to uncover the truth. The game is afoot. The die has been rolled and there are no rules. Will Aarya and Sid find their faceless adversary and foil the plans that have been set in motion long before they even began playing? Will Aarya find herself worthy of pursuing her true calling?


The Gigabytes Guide to Writing: A lighthearted road map to your book writing journey
-J. Tordsen

A writer with over 25 years of professional writing experience, J. Tordsen escorts you down the path less traveled by other guides as he takes this book from concept to published work - without the use of chat bots – in only 7 days.

Covering everything from the first draft to effective marketing strategy, this book mixes both wisdom and wisecracks as it takes you through an overview of the entire self-publishing process - all told from the author’s unique perspective.

With an emphasis on writing technology, literary world building, and effectively combating writer’s block, this guide can help you avoid the pitfalls on the writer’s journey.

The Adventures of Sparkles
-Cheryl Milligan

The Adventures of Sparkles is written and illustrated by Cheryl Milligan. Inspired by real life Sparkles! Meet Sparkles, the craziest kitty ever, who causes chaos wherever she goes. Suitable for boys and girls aged 7-11 who like funny, action and adventure stories. First published in November 2021. Copyright Cheryl Milligan. ISBN 978-1-7947-6625-9

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