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Broken Empire

Humanity has spread to other worlds, yet in its ambition, its unity shattered, if it was ever even there to begin with. Humanity's domains remain split between the United Alliance of Planets and the Conglomeration of Corporate Authorities. The two governments lash out at each other in ceaseless conflict, at the cost of countless lives. Furthermore, the war has left a power vacuum closer to home, as a terrorist organization known as the Syndicate rises to power. However, they are nearing a turning point in the war. Ryan Kent, Greg Clarkson, Kelly Clarkson, and Stacey Black are among those graduating from Apium Academy into the UAP Navy. They begin to see that there is more at play as graduation comes and passes; the real war reveals enemies not before perceived and factions not yet revealed.

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The Broken Empire novella series is a long-term work in progress that really changed from its initial vision. When Volume 1 was drafted, there was a universe grounded in a future variant of our own solar system with two fighting factions that reflected the US civil war. Since then, the fictional Apium, Medius, and Cerberus systems were created to field a larger and more in-depth conflict and worldbuilding experience. A rebelling corporate alliance took the place of my parallel to the Confederacy and more dystopian themes were added to the United Alliance of Planets. The UAP, for all of its talk about freedom and morality, isn't so terribly different from the Conglomerate in its actions. In Admiral Pickett's words: "Freedom always is, was, and will be, an illusion."

-Noah Douglas

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