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Young adults embark on a quest to save their kingdom in an epic fantasy world of demons and magic.
The land of Delucia is a realm of disunity, conflict, and stagnation. The marauding kingdom of Boreveth tests the idle kingdom of Amora’s borders with each passing day. Amora’s princes, John and Kane Blackmar, are charged with the defense and future of their homeland. The forces of light and darkness pull at the brothers, they offer promises of hope and power at great sacrifice. John is delivered a prophecy that will subvert his hopes and dreams, and perhaps even usurp Kane’s inheritance.

Will John overcome the challenges that hold him back and face his destiny? Will evil grip Kane’s heart with promises of great power? Will ambition, greed, and blindness destroy the besieged kingdom from within? Will the dwarves of Gloiand answer the call for aid? A great game is afoot that surpasses the petty squabbles of mortals; much is yet to be revealed.

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In the aftermath of the battle for Airedale and the murder of King Theodric, Kane Blackmar is left to take retribution upon Boreveth with his newly formed steel legion. However, the vile demon Moraig still claws at his soul.
John Blackmar follows the expedition into Boreveth with his own flesh-and-blood regiment. Yet, the prince is still haunted by his destiny to one day rule. Upon a series of demonic manipulations and divine revelations, John's fate is on the verge of taking a dark turn.


Amora was the first full book I have ever written and one of my proudest works in terms of worldbuilding and adventure. The world of Amora feels grounded in a medieval period but also exposes the reader to mystical elements that break our common perceptions of reality. John is confronted with a destiny that he wants no part of by a strange but powerful mystic. The army approaching Airedale is not as lively as it may appear. Kane is met with a choice to embrace evil and save his kingdom or resist and risk loosing it all. Find out what happens in Amora: A Tale of Two Brothers

-Noah Douglas

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